Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did you win at Olympia?

Wednesday's and Thursday's winners

  • Kathryn Lodge: equiShopping Polo Shirt + Bandages

  • Danielle Bicker: equShopping Cap

  • Emily Christopher: equiShopping Hoodie + Baseball Cap

  • Nikki Cherry: Set of stables bandages

  • Andrew Robbins: Dressage whip

  • Miss C. Shorney: Dressage whip

  • Suzi Harvey: Blaze Fleece

  • Pippa Ross: equiShopping Hoodie

Friday's winners

  • Annouska Barrington-Evans: ABI Ticket

  • Adele Lamb: Polo Lesson

  • Sophie Pope: equiShopping polo

  • Anna Dickinson: Stable bandages + Baseball Cap

  • Katy Nimmo: Hoodie + Cap

  • Ethan Fettah: Baseball cap

Saturday's winners

  • David Winstanlez: Hoodie + Baseball Cap

  • Edna Rowlandson: Hay Steamer

  • Patric Bakhuizen: Bandages + Dressage Whip

  • Alison Rumbellow: Hoodie + Baseball Cap

  • Joanne Taylor: Equipilates Lesson

Sunday's winners

  • Tina Elliott: equiShopping Hoodie + Cap

  • Jolene Cole: Show Rug

  • Caroline Balsdon: ABI Ticket

  • James Johnstone: Dressage whip

Monday's winners

  • Sue Walker: Blaze Voucher

  • Trish Dyer: ABI Ticket

  • Matthew Sampson: Tack Locker

  • Christine Ward: equiShopping Hoodie

  • Libby Smith: Stable Bandages

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Important : Prizes must be claimed within one month of the event