Friday, July 30, 2010

Electrolytes – so how much do you really know?

We’ve all heard of electrolytes and think that’s it.  But what actually are they and what
does each component do?

When horse sweat they lose electrolytes as sweat is purely
water and electrolytes.  Consider this
– apparently if a racehorse were to run one mile in about 2 minutes it would
sweat 2 gallons.  That’s literally
a bucket full and that’s a lot of electrolytes!

Now add to that the fact that horses can’t store
electrolytes.  We can then
understand why we need to be giving horses daily supplements of electrolytes when
horses are sweating excessively.  

The main constituents of electrolytes are sodium chloride
and potassium.  They also contain
magnesium, calcium, bicarbonates, sulphates and phosphates.  All these ingredients have electrolytic
roles and are vital for energy release, actually allowing muscles to work
(muscle synapses...) and in maintaining bone structures.  For those of you needing some long
words for exams pending – a horse’s sweat is hypertonic as it contains a higher
concentration of salts than the blood does.   

Equishopping has a huge range of electrolytes but we reckon that TRM Electrolyte Gold - Premium electrolyte supplement from Totally Tack is definitely worth a look:  Plus you get free postage if you spend over £50!

In the next blog we’ll be looking at some simple
dehydrations tests and the best way to actually get you horse to take

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