Saturday, July 24, 2010

New kid on the block.

Hi.  My name's Oli Lawrence.  Brown hair, 17 years old and stands about 6' 2''.  But that's about as far as average goes.  Allow me to explain - For starters, anyone who events must have at least a few screws loose.  Most sports are difficult enough without having a living breathing animal with it's own ideas and opinions (which are very strong!) to add to the equation.... But even while out competing I still can't manage the average thing.  I don't come from a horse related background in fact until a few years ago Mum was scared of horses !!  Trouble is with eventing is that you won't get any where on your own.  It's been a steep learning curve for everyone.  

    So that's me.  But then there's that school thing.  For me it's Maths, Further maths, Physics and Chemistry for A-levels. Yup, it seemed a good idea at the time!  I'm also a keen windsurfer, mountain biker and climber when there's a spare minute.

    So where are we at the moment?  I finished 9th in the CIC* at Hambleden earlier this year and completed my first intermediate soon after.  I've also just come back from the under 18 national championships at Glanusk which was my first CCI* (three day).  The next 'issue' is that horses don't come cheap - no matter how you look at the statistics!  So the search is on for sponsors - it worked! Which is how I ended up here.  So for this season I've got 3 horses one of which is really my brothers but we all know how to twist that one!  Plus, 2 sponsors - Equishopping, hopefully if you're reading this you know who they are and Organic Horse, suppliers of Organic Horse supplements.  I've also got a monthly diary in "Local Rider' magazine which covers most of south east england.  

    So what's the plan?  Big plans! Apart from being internationally known...(Oli comes back to reality with a clunk) the plan is to go to Cambridge to read Natural Sciences and then event professionally.  

I'm told I'm ambitious but if you aim for the stars and miss you'll land on the moon. So if you want to know how I'm getting on then this is the place to be.  Hopefully they'll be lots of good news but inevitably they'll be bad times, no matter, I'll try and make you laugh all the same.  


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