Monday, August 23, 2010

All the little things that I bet you'll forget!!

So you've built up to it all season and you've entered you're first international! Congratulations! Just a few pointers.

First thing remember to register both horses and rider with the FEI. Chances are I'm the zillionith person to tell you but if you don't they won't recognise your result.

At FEI events it's compulsory for horses to wear a bridle number outside their stable at all times.  Most 3 days will give them to you with your rider packs but at one day internationals you're on your own!  Guess what? The tack shops know this too so don't get caught in the trap of having to fork out silly amounts for a bridle number.  Instead check out equishopping's range of bridle numbers!

Next thing.  If you haven't worn event grease before - more likely if you've only done a seasons worth of novices you'll go along to your first 3 day and find that all the horses wear event grease for the XC!  Never fear Equishopping has a choice of event grease!  Top tip - some event greases just don't come off! So if someone offers you a container of event grease don't use it (they're fed up with it)! Some brands are impossible to get off afterwards and you'll end up showjumping on the final day with event grease still on!

The longer XC at a 3 day is also a noticable difference to a one day.  If you really want to go the whole hog try these nasal strips.  They're designed to hold the airways open under stress when normally they would begin to collapse (to an extent)...bad news. Be warned though, they're seriously sticky so if the dog runs off with one its going to have it stuck in it's fur for weeks...

While we're on the subject of good buys.  You've probably already got an event watch if you're doing an international but on the off chance you need a new one.  They're sooooo much cheaper on Equishopping!! Check these event watches out.

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