Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Under rugs, shoulder pads and anti rub solutions - time to start thinking about winter?

Winter may seem an awfully long way away but if you act now you might just be able to bag yourself a bargain.  By this time of year most merchants are a bit fed up of their winter range from last season so get rid of it at fairly cheap prices.  Prime example - check out equishopping's range of bargain stable rugs with up to 50% off!  You might not need them straight away but you'll save yourself the money later on...

One of the troubles that pops up when horses wear rugs for long periods of time is that they end up with rubs on their shoulders.  Fear not - equishopping has a huge range of anti rub shoulder guards for all shapes and sizes of horse.

The next problem that will crop up, probably straight after Christmas when all the shops are out of stock is that the rugs you have aren't warm enough.  Problem sorted - try an under rug.  It's a much cheaper solution than buying totally new ultra thick rugs for just a few months of the year.  There's also some good bargains to get on these as well!

I'll leave it there for now.  I'm looking out the window and can see glorious sunshine so winter couldn't seem further away.  I just couldn't not tell you about the bargains around even if it does mean reminding you of winter!!

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