Thursday, September 9, 2010

BBC News - Machine in Newmarket helps jockeys fall safely

Now this is seriously cool!

"A racing school in Suffolk has been using a machine to teach jockeys to fall safely.  Experts said the exercise builds jockeys' muscle memory to avoid injuries when falling from horses.  The British Racing School in Newmarket has been given the fall simulator to use on up and coming jockeys.  Champion jockey John Francome, who was visiting the school, said it would "save lives and prevent no end of injuries".  The Injured Jockeys Fund purchased the machine with the help of the charity Alborada Trust.  "In my view, everyone who rides should go on this machine," Mr Francome said.  "The great thing is that it teaches riders to be proactive and do something when they come off as opposed to just waiting to hit the ground.  You don't become a sky diver without any training on how to land.  But nobody ever teaches you what to do when you fall off a horse, and if you can't manoeuvre yourself to fall off properly, you are a risk and should not be riding.  The jockeys learn to tuck their shoulders in and keep rolling to get away from the horse."" (BBC, 2010)

Check out the video here.  

Of course you can also help protect yourself in the event of a fall by wearing a correctly fitted and appropriate body protector.  Want some advice on body protectors?  Well check out our earlier article covering body protectors.  

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