Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free advertising - you simply can't lose out!

It's not uncommon to hear people comment on the price of advertising horses.  Current prices are sky high and when you're selling a low value horse advertising can take a large chunk of your profits.  The theory behind paying more is that you are paying for a premium space where your ads are displayed to a maximum audience.  That's one business model.  Now look at it from another angle.  Here at Equishopping we let you advertise everything from horseboxes through to grade A jumpers's. For free.  So what's the idea behind it? It's not because no one would pay to advertise with us it's because we think we're far better off letting you advertise for free and you seeing what else we offer.  We're confident that's the best way forward because you'll like what you find.  The bottom line is - you simply can't lose! It's free and will take you about 3 minutes to do.  

One problem with a lot of free advertising sites is that they have a huge number of lower value horses without much balance.  At equishopping we like to keep the balance between high and low value.  That way we have buyers with the money coming our way but we keep our traffic up as we've something for everyone.  Simple really.  So, yes, we offer free advertising for the right reasons - no catches.  We hope you'll agree...

But how on earth do you write an advert.  Not just an average one but one that'll have the phone ringing all day long for the right reasons.  The first step is no be truthful in your description.  There's very little point trying to lure buyers in with over exaggerated claims that they'll soon see aren't true.  However, just because we don't exaggerate doesn't mean we can't make ads stand out.  The trouble is with exagerating is that everyone does it - how many times do you read "stunning" in an advert title - the reality could be somewhat dimmer.... Play to your strong points.  Every horse under the sun has some plus points even the most difficult of beasts.  

Video and photos are the best way to show off those strong points.  I mean decent photos though, in good lighting, taken on a good quality camera or you're wasting your time as no one can see what their potential purchase is.... The other point with videos is that unless horses haven't been backed or you've got lots of photos in the ad don't use a picture of the horse being held or of its head.  Go for the action shot that actually shows the horse working.  

It's also very important to have all the details in your advert.  There's nothing more annoying than having to call about a horse just to find out how big it is! Plus, most people just won't bother and move on... Furthermore, when you give contact details make it very clear when you'll be available or if people should leave a message for example.  If you don't get back to people or they can't get hold of you they'll very quickly lose interest... 

Go for it! If you use Equishopping you just can't lose.  What's stopping you?

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