Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oli's Diary.

In the dim and distant past some of you may remember my first appearance on the Equishopping scene.  I originally did a blog to introduce myself which you can read here but things have come a long way since then so we thought it was time I started putting some of my diary onto the equishopping blog.  Of course all the past diaries are available on my own website.  However, while you're doing your christmas shopping (on equishopping!) spend a minute to check up on me because it'll make you smile.  Smiling's what keeps us all sane.  

We join the story at the end of the 2010 eventing season....

"My last blog told the tales of the build up to Aldon and what an event it was! The biggest plus was definitely our dressage which did us proud and even I thought was good - it's not often I think that! I also managed to finish bang on the optimum time XC which the commentator heralded as a feat of skill...I'm keeping quiet about the luck element there!! The video of Aldon and a few other bits and bobs from the end of the season can be found here.  As usual everything's so much better when there's a good party and friends about.  In traditional Aldon style there was no disappointment on that front! 

However, it's now the season of constant rain and the veil of eternal darkness descends... Don't I paint such a cheerie picture! At the moment I'm not fussed though as it's great just being able to go hunting and jumping under much less pressure and be a bit more human... the suggestion that I'll ever be totally normal would get laughed at so I won't go there!

I'm quite accustomed now to being brought down to earth with a clunk but as university interviews loom the world gets that bit more serious.  You definitely notice the difference in people at the moment when things begin to bite.  That said, anyone who has horses learns to have a sense of humour no matter the circumstances!  How else would we survive??!

On the jumping front, things are really going quite well.  Totem, the blank canvas, is proving to be surprisingly colourful and jumps quite phenomenally - my secret weapon! The only down side is that he steals all the compliments! Gray is also getting out and about as well and  is truely determined not to be overshadowed.  Meanwhile Dell's supposedly on holiday but has only recently come round to the idea of chilling out.  Until now he's been most offended that he hasn't been taken out.

For now that's it.  Although, I fear the next installment of comedy and eventfullness is just around the corner...."


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