Friday, December 17, 2010

How to stay warm out competing and look smart too!

We've all faced the problem of going out competing and having to look smart in the cold weather.  Generally, our smart competition gear isn't the warmest of stuff.  However, Equishopping can save the day!!

First off for the showjumpers.  If you aren't jumping at Olympia then you can get away with wearing a smart jacket ie no hood, black or navy but insulated.  Those of you jumping for the crowds will have to freeze - Oh it's a hard life... This applies equally for eventers warming up.  Go and shell out on a decent smart jacket because it'll make everything soo much warmer and if you're warm, you'll ride better too!!  Plus, if it rains you'll be safe inside that cosy waterproof shell. 

 If jackets aren't your thing then a gillet or waistcoat can be worn over a show jacket before you go in and gives you much more freedom.  I'm told gillets meet the approval of the fashion police as well. 

Buy a new pair of gloves!! Firstly because any insulation in them will have be compressed over time and they simpy woin't be as warm anymore.  Secondly because glove manufacturers have heard our plight and started making warm but smart gloves - finally!  Check out a selection here

At the other end of the body - feet! In an ideal world we'd be able to fit thick socks into competition boots but unfortunately that would leave us with hugely oversized boots in summer.  The best bet then is to keep your boots in good condition.  Supple leather retains heat more than dry brittle leather.  Plus, if your boots crack and leak then your feet will be swimming in ice cold water. The solution, either clean your boots meticulously with Equishopping's wide range of leather care products or buy a new pair if they're past redemption. 

Now this next suggestion may seem fairly obvious but wear a belt! That way you can tuck your shirt into your breeches and it will actually stay tucked in and keep out the drafts! Check out Equishopping's range of belts, from the funky to the traditional. 

One final tip.  Wear a stock instead of a tie as it'll keep your neck warm just like a scarf. 

Happy competing!!

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