Friday, December 3, 2010

Oli's Diary - "Winter Wonderland - or not..."

When I was told it was snowing when we were still in November I didn't quite believe it.  Now that we're surrounded by a foot I don't have much choice... So recently I haven't got much to report on apart from sledging and the dire warnings I've had from all and sundry about the perils of driving in the snow... of course all the advice is contradictory.  The younger horses also learnt a lot, primarily that snow isn't a giant snack dropped from heaven and is in fact rather flavorless.  

Pre snow though there was quite a bit going on with the horses and they were out and about jumping.  At the same time, my university interviews have been on going - pretty good so far.  However, we did get back from Bristol at 3 in the morning (an 11 hour journey!) after the snow caused delays - everywhere! 

Gray is now for sale as I had to make the inevitable choice between him and Totem as my brother has drifted away from horses.  Grays also been out with the local bloodhounds which he took to like a toddler to a ball pool.  He also jumped his first hedge so I'd imagine he spent most of that evening telling the others on the yard about his dare devil exploits.  

Totem's also shaping up rather well on all fronts.  He went hunting for the first time (I think) which he coped with but did find it all rather interesting and a great opportunity for him to show off his extended trot!

Christmas time will be when Dell's wintery mince pie and mulled wine (he can dream) utopia comes to an end as he dons his work boots again.  I'll have to break that to him gently though...

For now that's it.  That said it's Christmas time and the revision filled (partly) holidays are fast approaching so I'm sure there'l be plenty to talk about.  

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