Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Social Networking and Horses – How it can help you

Confused about Facebook and the strange bird symbol that is Twitter?  There’s a million reasons to have a go – especially when you have horses.  Now I’m not suggesting for a moment that you exploit Facebook’s incredible potential for stalkers but there is a lot to be gained from it...

The nature of competing generally means that you have friends from all corners of the country and possibly from across Europe as well.  With Britain being the centre of the eventing world it’s not surprising you only see some people at events as they travel sooo far.  Living in Kent miles away from anywhere I sympathise.  The answer, use Facebook and Twitter.  Now this may seem like a bizarre advertisement for social networking but the point is that it’s Christmas and wouldn’t it be great if you could have a chat with those people you never see but really like?

What’s more, the most up to date information generally hits Facebook or Twitter first before the official channels.  Also, you can get a realistic picture of what places are like before you get there.  Take the Facebook group that offers pictures of BE courses taken by its members.  It’s free as well and is genuine competition for other costly services such as Eventing World Wide’s course photos. 

Have you ever come across the scenario of talking to someone having been introduced to them but then forgetting their name as soon as you’ve heard it? With things like Facebook and Twitter you can see “friends of friends” and quickly find who that elusive person was.  However, I’m not suggesting you go as far as looking up someone’s number in the schedule to find their name and then finding them on Facebook as that’s probably a little bit too far.... Although it most certainly has been done. 

So, there you have it.  Lot’s of reason’s to sort this social networking out.  Go grab a phone wielding teenager and demand some help.  Bribe them a bit and they’ll help as long as you don’t expect them to add you as a friend! When you’re all sorted with it check out Equishopping there.  Not only do you get the latest news that way but you can get some great offers and enter competitions too.  Or more simply just click the logos at the top right of this page to go straight to Equishopping’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  


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