Thursday, January 6, 2011

Equishopping's sponsored rider Oli Lawrence's latest blog.

Equishopping catches up with the latest news from their sponsored rider Oli Lawrence.  

"Wow! My parents let me have a party on new years eve! The faith has been tested and come out the other side unharmed.  Well actually, I think going hunting after a party on new years eve with all the clearing up to do may have been pushing my luck a bit... 

The snow has only just departed so pretty much everything has been on hold.  However,  the usual activity is back better than ever and things are in full swing again.  The plus side of the snow meant I was imprisoned in the house with revision as my only source of entertainment.  I do have quite a few exams in January so perhaps someone up top had my best interests at heart...  Zooming back to the beginning of this month I had a break from was the South east eventers league (SEEL) ball with its bucking bronco and the predictable entertainment that brings! Big congrats to the organisers - a great evening.  

The usual pre season plans are beginning which as predicted results in mini arguments left, right and centre over issues from transport through to the origin of the HGV test... Before you ask, yup, that's the next mission - to pass my HGV test...gulp.  Mind you I have been driving a truck since I passed so the jumps not as bad as from a Mini! 

All the horses are back in work now and Grays for sale as my brother has stopped riding.  They've all been very well behaved coming back into work with the odd bounce and boing here and there but apart from that they've been very focussed, well apart from the terrifying snowmen that didn't melt for a few days!!"

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