Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making this season easier and less stressful - part 2.

Hello. Welcome to the next instalment of the double bill of blogs looking at ways to smarten up your act and make your life easier. 

Most eventers tend to show jump in their XC hat with a black silk on.  The easiest way to neaten things up is to replace your silk.  As silks get older they lose their elasticity which means they’re more likely to fall of (embarrasing!) or they simply look tatty.  Equishopping has a range of traditional silks and also has a range of XC silks if you fancy jazzing up your XC colours. 

Also thinking on the elastic front.  The elastic in number bibs has a habit of stretching leaving you with a number bib which would fit a small rhino.  When you get a new number bib our top tip is to get some black electricians tap and adjust the bib to your size then tape it to that size.  That way you’ll have to high speed loose ends to smack you in the face. 

Chances are your first aid kit will need replenishing but I’ll do a separate blog on that in more detail.  For now though check out our first aid range for treating mud fever to scratches. 

It may seem like a strange idea but get a new torch for the lorry.  Torch technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years so you can pick up super bright long battery life LED torches for reasonably prices.  They make life so much easier at early season events when you’re leaving in the dark and leaving in blackness. 

Another small but highly significant item.  Spur straps.  If you’ve got leather ones and haven’t cleaned them over the winter they could be fairly stuffed.  If you’ve got webbing ones they might be coming to the end of their days as the do begin to fray after a while and no longer hold your spurs securely. 

It might not be relevant to everyone but by the end of the year your buckets might be looking a bit manky.  Either get a bucket and brush or pressure washer on them or replace them.  Rubbishy buckets aren’t a good start. 

Finally – Don’t forget your lucky pants!! 


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