Thursday, January 20, 2011

Relieving stress and making your life easier this season.

The new season’s coming up and chances are your packing the lorry for the first time this year.  If you’re anything like us they’ll be a few things that either need replacing or have simply disappeared off the face of the earth.

First off, there’s all those bits of tack like breastplates and stud girths that chances are won’t have been used through the winter.  Plus, some off the stuff may have only just lasted till the end of the season so are crying out to be replaced.  On that note have you checked your stud kit recently? If you haven’t stored your studs properly they’ll be rusted and anyway they’ll probably be worn down from use.  The easiest way to wreck your farrier’s carefully crafted stud holes is to use rusty, beaten up studs. Equishopping has a range of studs but our top tip is to shell out that bit more for the better studs.  You get what you pay for with studs.  Also getting self tapping studs will save you lots of hassle but only if  you can put studs in straight and are well practised or you’ll mess up your stud holes.

How about whips.  We all have our favourite stick and they’ll never be another one like it but sometimes you just have to let go... Sticks fixed up with duck tape really don’t good so check out our range of sticks.  From short jumping sticks to long elegant gold schooling whips we’ve got it.

Going down the body we come to over reach boots.  No I seem to have ended up with lots of right foot boots and one left foot one – I think some replacements could be next on the list.  Whether it’s XC boots that have served you well for years but have finally given up the ghost or your white dressage wraps that no longer shine so brightly we can help.  Just check out our selection of horse boots.

With the first dressage test of the season fast approaching there’s that minor issue of plaiting...ARGGHHH!!! However, we’ve got some quick tips to save you from the horror – or a bit of it at least... Buy some new plaiting bands as they will have perished over the winter and will snap when you try to use them.  Then BIN the old ones.  Whatever you do don’t keep them as “spares”.  Next step is to properly pull your horses mane.  Either using a metal pulling comb.  Seriously, don’t use a plastic one because the spines will snap off!  We also know that some horses totally abhore having their mares pulled so have a browse of our mane pulling range which includes products such as the “solo comb” that we think could make your life less stressful.

One final finishing touch.  Quarter markers are an easy way to make your horses apperance a whole lot smarter.  Some people somehow manage to do these with just a brush and a bucket of water but if like me this a step too far have a look at our quarter marker stencils that save you the hassle.

Next time we’ll have more ideas for smartening up your act and making your life easier but for now that’s it.

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