Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rodi gets his teeth into the news.

Rodi decided that he wanted to put the life story on hold for now and bring you the latest news.  Who better to bring you the news from the horse world than a horse?!   

"Hello humans! Basically, the news is pretty scant at the moment.  I mean you give us our "holidays" over the winter which I must stress are vital but then you expect lots of news and happenings as well. you can't have it both ways... However, using my contacts across the globe I thought I'd bring you up to date with the horse version of the news.  So listen up - I've got a lunge session in 20 minutes followed by a physio booking - Im an athlete don't you know.

First off, you humans have changed our carefully designed dressage qualification system.  Now you want to do it on points instead of who wins what.  I'm sure the stables will be full of opinion at my next outing.  Come to think of it I don't know where my next outing is... personally I'd like to be on the Sun Shine Tour but perhaps I can dream on....

Plus, old Totilas has gone and got himself sold again. I did tell him when I saw him at WEG not to be so charming... all he had to do was stick his tongue out at the judge or decide he didn't like standing at stud... predictably he didn't take up those suggestions and was his usual goody to shoes.

While we're on the celebrity front, Monet Garden's really quite ill so we're all rooting for him to pull his socks up and get out there again.  The last I heard about him was that he was wearing some fancy shoe that he thought was rather ugly but still he feels comfy so its for the best.

Meanwhile, the hunt season continues after that abhorrent white stuff came down.  We also heard something about a Fernie hunt trial but we horses can;t be doing with human antics.  Before you ask, yes, us horses love hunting.  It's jolly good fun jumping those hedges and it's good for the horse banter as well.  The only trouble is that some of us get a bit exuberant.  I mean as a horse you have a set amount of energy so if you're not allowed to go for it you either have to vibrate or jump up and down to let it all out.

Oh and I have yet another example of humans taking all the credit for our success.  Marcus Ehning goes and announces he designed a new set of boots for those posh Veredus people.  What he failed to mention was the amount of input his entire yard gave! I mean they were actually trying to tell you something when they knocked fences down with those wacky initial designs you made them wear!

For now though that's it.  I'm off for my lunging.  Or alternatively I could bronck round the school and get his lunge line all twisted then pretend I'm going to eat him.... hehehe, most amusing!

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