Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rodi's life story continued... I'm getting the hang of this!

In our previous blog we introduced Rodi the talking (and very lively) horse to you.  Of course he couldn't wait to get his next epic adventure out onto the web so we let him loose with a laptop once more....


"My last installment saw me left in a stable with 2 mad colt looking things and a bucket of water.  Things improved slightly when someone took pity on "the cute little one" as they called me and threw some hay at me.  By this point I was a bit concerned as things weren't looking up.  That was until a small human thing wandered in and attempted to put a noose round my head - no chance! Next thing I know she gives me a carrot so I let her put the noose or i suppose "a halter" on my head.  Girl then decided that she'd try and pull me with said halter.  I don't know if you've ever had it done to you but next time you have a rope round your head and get pulled along by it you won't be too happy either... So I bit her.  Girl then smacked my nose.  Of course the 2 colts thought this was hilarious and roared with laughter.  In actual fact my nose was really sore.  I didn't try that one again.  After much pulling and tugging I realised that she actually wanted me to follow her.  Fast forward our story a bit and you end up with the situation of said girl trying to sit on me.  

    This time they had me on a long rope in a sand fighting ring with tall sides and scary pole things everywhere.  I didn't find out till later that this was actually not the case and that I happened to be in a jumping arena.  Well, anyway, she sat on me adorned with her chunky helmet and body wrapper that made her look somewhat portlier than normal.  Of course I removed her with immediate effect and deposited her in a neat pile at my feet ready for inspection.  Next thing I know there's lots of screaming and shouting and I'm back with the colts.  This time tied to a wall.  Great, things weren't looking up.  

I like to think that I showed tremendous talent that day but apparently I was just a rude piggy as girl called me.  That night the humans put a large bay horse in next door to me.  They threw the 2 mutleys (aka the colts) out in the rain which was most amusing.  The two of them fought with each other for a bit then decided the rain wasn't that warm and tried to hide under a tree.  It turns out that the big bay was called Toby and he'd been to this strange place called Geneva.  He spent all night trying to explain to me what these human people wanted.  They didn't half want much did they!! To walk and trot AND jump.   He was proper good at the jumping business I reckon, he'd been all over the world.  That week he told me stories about so many different places.  It all seemed so tricky though especially this dressage business but thankfully Toby didn't like dressage horses so he didn't talk about that much.  Then of course Toby was gone one morning and the 2 rapscallions were back.  They said they'd been chased by lions and bears and told me how they'd fought off goblins in their water troughs.  I listened for a while, personally I think their imaginations were running away with them.  

Any how, girl came back for round two.  This time wearing even more funny clothing and she had a big man with her. The big man was really nice though and patted me etc. and did all the stuff humans think make you feel better.  This time she sat on me and I walked off then trotted and then did a bit of cantering stuff.  I tripped a bit but she seemed pretty pleased with me.  She was awfully tense perched up there though, I mean anyone would think she had something to worry about! I remembered what Toby had said about jumping and started eying the fences up a bit.  The big man laughed at me and told me I wasn't ready for them.  I decided to prove him wrong.  I got in line with a big square one and charged! Girl seemed to scream a bit so I went a bit faster and launched myself into the air.  The good thing was I cleared it.  The bad thing was I seemed to have lost girl again.  This time I wasn't even trying to!! The big man ran up to me laughing which I suppose is a good thing and said something about being over keen and being like my brother - I have a brother!!?? Girl mean while got up and walked off limping.  I decided I needed to upgrade my jockey."  

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