Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rodi's life story part III...

We catch up with Rodi's life story so far: 

"Well, I needed a new jockey.  That was for sure.  The thing is though  it's not that easy just to swap them. They have this pride thing and it just won't go away. So, I set out to find Toby, the resident human expert, who promptly told me to strut my stuff round the field in front of a rather skinny boy.  So off I went round the field, a bit of canter and a few bucks here and there.  He still wasn't looking so I hopped a bit then charged and stopped, charged and skidded, charged and couldn't stop... BANG! I made the unfortunate discovery that trees are rather solid.  Boy as I shall call him laughed so I trotted over to him rather wonkily feeling rather dizzy.  He couldn't stop laughing, which when you're trying to impress someone is fairly disheartening... Then girl came out and joined in! I did the only thing I could do - I jumped the fence to go and sort them out and ask them to explain themselves.  Rodi, future super star, is not to be laughed at. On jumping the fence I realised it was significantly bigger than it looked on first inspection.  Fortunately there was no electric along the top so slithering over it with millimeters to spare looked cool rather than being exceedingly painful.  Much to my surprise boy and girl started arguing! Over me!!! "No, he's mine", "Well I backed him", "and you fell off him" well it went on like that for quite some time. In fact they were so busy that they forgot I'd just jumped out the field.  Seeing as they weren't bothered about it I wondered off to show the two colts my new found freedom.  I spent a good afternoon wandering around the fields - on the outside! That was until both boy and girl came running up to me and started hugging me and giving me carrots.  Things were looking up.  Apparently they'd been worried about me...

The next day, things were truly splendid.  Girl had to get me ready and actually cleaned me for once.  Then boy got on me and took me for a spin.  He then told the whole yard I'm talented and a future star - well thankyou.  That was until I saw one of the colts run round the field with it's rug over it's head which  looked really scary.  He called me a moron for being such a scardy cat and started telling me about the horrors I'd experience at a thing called a "show".  Sounds terrifying but it involves the lorry and Toby said if they put you on the lorry you've been good. Cool beans.  I had a roll to celebrate.  Well, I actually had a roll in the dirtiest bit of bed I could find.  Girl then saw me and declared me a delinquent.  Boy laughed and put me out in the field.  Apparently I couldn't get any dirtier - so this is how they treat super stars is it?!

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