Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stable entertainment for your horse

We all know the scenario when either it’s wet or horses have hurt themselves and have to stay stabled which is generally bad news... However, Equishopping are here to help with our range of entertainment features coming to a stable near you!!

The feed ball is a classic stable toy and there’s a vast choice so check them out here.  Some are easier to roll than others so work better in a stable or harder to roll ones in the field so they aren’t rolled under fences quite so quickly.  The best feed to use in them is “pony nuts” or any other feed that comes in a pellet, nut or cube format.

Vitamin licks are good but shouldn’t really be used for general purpose entertainment.  Salt licks are better and usually take horses a while to get enough salt for the day out of.  They come in blocks that can be fixed to a wall in a dispenser or can be hung from the ceiling on a rope with a large know in the end.  With all licks though it’s important to make sure horses and especially ponies don’t take chunks out of them as they can choke on the large pieces.

A suede or turnip with a hole in hung from the ceiling can work well but not all horses like them.  Some have been known to bite them off the rope and fling them at innocent bystanders who walk by...

Stable mirrors are brilliant.  Did you know? – Horses can’t recognise their own reflection.  This means that they think they have company from their mirror image.  It is important that the mirror is plastic in case they take offense to their new found friends and give him a boot.  Glass and horses doesn’t mix.

Leaving the radio on is also quite entertaining for them.  Recent research into animal behaviour has shown that cats spend about 2 hours a day watching TV so a horse listening to a radio isn’t to far fetched.  Personally I think they prefer Radio 1 but when the likes of “Lady Gaga” or “The Prodigy” come on others on the yard beg to differ.... Opps!

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