Saturday, February 12, 2011

equiShopping newsletter - You can take a horse to water - (February 2011)

You can take a horse to water......

Horses are living beings and have a mind of their own. They can be very well bred, beautifully put together and have all of the talent, but if they don't like the job you're stuffed!!

That is why the argument people put forward about National Hunt Racing doesn't stack up; if they don't like it it's not worth pursuing because you can't change it and it's too expensive! Fortunately there are many different equestrian disciplines and just because they don't like one doesn't mean they won't like another; look at how many ex racehorses end up in playing polo, in the show ring or as top eventers, see and even if they don't compete horses can bring so much pleasure as hacks or companions.

The interesting thing is that whilst those of us who do expect our horses to perform can get frustrated , horses play a pivotal role in releasing frustrations in the most unlikely situations, dealing with both physical and psychological problems in the rapidly expanding field of equine therapy. - the magic of the horse!!


Special Offers

20% OFF ALL HORSE RUGS with Country First Direct

Isn't it about time you treated your horse to a new rug? Massive clearance sale on all Summer and Winter rugs.

Brands include Weethabeeta, Amigo, Masta, Rambo and many more. This amazing offer of 20% off all horse rugs is available throughout February

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Remember your Friends-Special Memory Horseshoe plaques and plinths from Horseco Ltd

We'll mount your own horseshoe and engrave your wording alongside. You can also send us a photo which we'll include FREE!!

Exclusive free p&p offer for equiShopping members - When you receive an "order received" advise Horseco that you are an equiShopping member to get the cost of postage and packing FREE saving 17.5% of the cost! This offer runs until the end of March 2011. View this offer

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New Products

NEW!! Beautiful magnetic therapy horseshoe bracelet from Gee Gee Images


Happy Hacker Aqueos Anti-Microbial Shampoo with Special Applicator

Fed up with water running down your arms and buckets being knocked over while washing your horse?

Try the new Aqueos shampoo and applicator, available from Happy Hacker

The shampoo is low foaming and leaves a nice soft coat. Think car wash for horses and that what the special applicator gives you. Attach to a hose and rinse your horse, switch a button and shampoo and switch again to rinse. The 2 litre bottle dilutes to 80 litres of product.

Type in 'happy' at the checkout and receive a 15% discount

New products from Flyaway

Max strength fly repellent

Natural lavender wash

Natural stain remover



Editors note

Well the cricket deteriorated, but lets hope that was lulling them into a false sense of security. England think they are on their way to winning the European Cup after winning a friendly and the rugby team are on course to win the Six Nations…. always look on the brightside! Good luck if you are competing this weekend

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