Monday, February 7, 2011

Equishopping's other services!

I thought it was high time we highlighted the equishopping services that are really incredubly useful but that not everybody knows about.

For starters, not only do we do horse classifieds for free but we offer classified ads for a whole range of horse related things from lorries to job seekers.

We also offer web design services at very competitive rates.  Also if you're a merchant it means you're automatically hooked up to Equishopping's database so you save yourself some hassle.  Websites are also a great way for riders to get new sponsorship oportunities.  If your names not out there you'll never know!

We also offer an extensive business database so if you're looking for that local tackshop you just hadn't heard of then check it out!

Our banner advertising is also a fab way to gain maximum exposure to the lucrative equestrian market with excellent demographics for relatively little outlay.

We also do equestrian property classifieds - could one ad save you the expense of an estate agent? It doesn't hurt to try...

 For merchants we also offer an easy to use service with lots of different options to get you up and running with us and rolling in the pounds.  Of course I should also mention the crown jewel that is our state of the art price comparison site!!

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