Friday, February 11, 2011

Horsey Casual Wear - You're in for a surprise!

So we've all heard the usual jokes and mickey takes at men wearing tight white breeches but horsey wear is making a comeback.  Not just the casual wear produced by the likes of Caldene and Pikeur but jodphurs as well! Take a walk down Bond street or some other indicator of the fashion world and you might be surprised to see people wearing jodphurs, yes, actual jodphurs for riding!

Let's look at the fashion side of things for riding.  Most riders tend to be on the slimmer side rather than the more rotund end of the spectrum.  Slim fitting clothes are the way to go.  The look at the moment seems to be long sleeved T-shirts under short sleeved ones for the layered look.  Hoodies are also big.  Gilets on top of hoodies are popular as well.  Infact you can now get hoodies with inbuilt hoods.

 Funky riding socks are also a must if not just for the talking point.  The going trend at the moment is to save the long boots for competing and stick with jodphur boots and gaiters at home.  The next step is too whip off the gaiters when you finish rding and show off the socks...

More and more riding coats are now acceptable to wear down the high street as well as in the warm up arena when it starts tipping it down or is freezing cold.  A wide brimed hat also goes down well especially in those truely british downpours.

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