Thursday, February 17, 2011

How other sports can help your riding.

To start this article we should first get to grips with the basic level of fitness required for riding.  Riding at a high level is serious sport.  Being fit won't just enable you to ride better it will mean you survive the inevitable falls -with a bit of luck.  Also the stronger you are the clearer your aids so everything becomes clearer.  However, riders seem to have zero free time so we need ways to exercise that fit in with the daily routine.

For starters, cycle to work or the yard.  When ever you can, take a bike or run especially if you're about town where it is often really is quicker to cycle than run.  Another great tip is to do some interval training while mucking out!! In other words, do 2 stables fast paced and another 2 normally.

Replacing your office chair with an exercise ball is another good option.  It means your core muscles never really rest as they're constantly keeping you stable on the unstable ball.  Good, effortless exercise that takes no extra time at all!

If you're at school the usual hockey, football and netball tend to keep you on your toes so you can worry much less.  There are also a number of stretches and exercises that can be done to specifically help individuals but these are best given out by phsiotherapists etc who will look at you as an individual.  The best way to approach exercises is to have a batch of 5 that you can do 4 times a week rather than loads that you'll never have a hope of doing...

The next point does need to be approached with some tact but weight is a major issue.  If you're overweight not only will you not ride as well but you won't be as safe in the saddle and you'll land with a significant thump... there's more than one reason jockeys are small.

So there you have it.  I haven't actually said anything specific, more given a general way of how to actually make the time to do things and get the most from the time you have.  Finally, "The key to sucess is not our natural ability but the attitide and environment we provide ourselves with".  Just some food for thought.

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