Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to keep things looking good this season.

Right, so the beginning of the season is right around the corner so chances are you’ve already got everything sorted – I hope....

However, we’ve got a few tactical things you can start doing now to make this season superuber easy.

I guess you’ve already cleaned out the lorry so let’s keep it sparkling clean.  The easiest way to do this is to put more shavings down in the horse compartment.  That way when horse inevitably go for a pee it won’t run right to the front and form a large puddle right at the door to the living... remember last year!.

I doubt anybody tack cleans as much as they should.  I know I just tend to wipe bridles over to make them shine rather than actually take them apart.  This does mean that the bits of leather that bend constantly ie around the bit don’t tend to get conditioned.  Next time you do take the bridle apart put lots and lots of saddle soap or whatever you use on the inside of these bends.  This usually extends the benefits of tack cleaning a while longer! It is worth remembering though that regularly cleaned tack is suppler and less likely to snap ie safer! Basically, let’s cut to the point, look up our range of tack cleaners and go and use them!! Pah, a lecture on tack cleaning from a teenage boy....that’s a first.

Secondly, organise the tack room! You’ve stocked up on everything for the season so it would be nice to be able to see what your hard earn cash has bought! Once again Equishopping can come to the rescue – check out our range of tack room storage solutions.

We also reckon that you might be in need of a helping hand with your mucking out kit.  Basically, if you turn up for your first over night stay of the season with a wheelbarrow with half a wheel and “go faster stripes” down the side to cover up the holes in it you’ll look like a bit of a pikey...

What’s more, have a browse of our stable disinfectant powders that not only kill any nasties out to get your carefully nurtured equine friends but they also stop the yard smelling as much.  A very worthwhile investment if ever there was one.

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