Thursday, February 24, 2011

The funky fun side of horses and work.

Here at Equishopping we reckon horses should be fun so we've compiled you an article especially on the fun side of horses.

For those of you with the office desk that could do with brightening up check out Equishopping's range of mousemats.  From the hilarious to the cute.  To accompany that mousemat how about a horsey mug as well?  Still on the work lines.  I don't know how popular tie pins are still but if they're your thing then check out our horsey tie pins to jazz up your suit.  Perhaps that one's only for the brave.

Also, for when we're all millionaires (pah, not likely with horses!!) grab yourself a new wallet.  While you're at it check out our watches too, I mean watches are a bit more subtle than turning up to work in breeches to show your love of horses...

How about some horsey bling for a saturday night? Hmm, perhaps not but have a look at our range of rings and earrings.  We even have a few pendants for those of you who like the bold look.

It's also half term this week for most kids.  Long journey coming up? Taking the family away? Well grab a horsey book to keep them occupied or perhaps to read yourself!

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