Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Supplements - the horse's pharmacy!

I won't for a minute pretend to be a nutritionist but I can give you a guiding hand to help you through equishopping's extensive range of feed supplements.  We have a large selection across many different brands - it's just a matter of finding the right supplement to help you on your way....

Let's start with a classic.  Garlic granules.  They work as a natural fly repellent.  The theory is that the garlic pases out of the horses sweat glands when they sweat and bingo, the flies dissapear- I guess flys don't like garlic... Well, perhaps the effect isn't that magical but it does help.

On the broader side of things.  A general feed supplement helps cover up the gaps in nutritional supply and top up the levels of "goodness" in your horses diet.  Just like us eating our "5 a day".  Especially important for the younger generations who are still developing - check out our youngstock feed supplements.

Moving down the body, hoof supplements! The saying "no foot no horse" couldn't be truer and let's face it, without a horse we're wouldn't want to be one of those would you.... Hoof supplements not only improve the quality of hoof growth but can speed it up to give your farrier more foot to work with.  Apart from the obvious health benefits of healthier feet you also won't lose shoes as often meaning things work out cheaper in the long run.

Echinacea is also great for boosting the immune system of horses that are either under the weather a bit or those suffering from that bit of stress and pressure from competing.  We've only covered a few different types of supplement but that should be enough to cover a lot of common problems and hopefully give you some cost effective and practical solutions.

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